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A Condo To Kill For
A Midsummer Night's Murder is a tale of mayhem, unrequited love, and ambition. The show must go on even if that means not everyone will make it to curtain call. So join this years cast & crew of Broadway divas, aspiring starlets and one overly artistic director for a night of mystery and not much Shakespeare as they attempt to perform their annual Shakespeare and a Plate.

A Knight of Murder
What was it really like to be a knight at the round table? Step back in time and see for yourself!! There was ambition, romance and even MURDER in this hysterical new comedy by Leslie Kemp


A Midsummer Nights Murder
A Midsummer Night's Murder is a tale of mayhem, unrequited love, and ambition. The show must go on even if that means not everyone will make it to curtain call. So join this years cast & crew of Broadway divas, aspiring starlets and one overly artistic director for a night of mystery and not much Shakespeare as they attempt to perform their annual Shakespeare and a Plate.

"A Mysterious Masked Murder "

It's time for the annual charity masquerade ball. This years charity, Gucci for Kids, a not for profit that helps children whose parents wont purchase designer fashions achieve their dreams of being outfitted in haute couture. Things go awry when the ball is crashed by an unsavory element who has other plans for the money that has been raised. In this fashionable heist Murder, Mayhem and Laughs will rule the Leslie Kemp

A Turkey To Die For
The Marsha Seward Cooking Show ratings have been dropping and the network has given her notice that her show will soon be canceled unless there is a substantial improvement. Determined that she will not go down without a fight, she decides to invite some celebrity chef's to appear on her show for the ultimate cooking showdown. Who can make the "Best Thanksgiving Turkey". The winner gets $100,000 and the coveted Golden Turkey Trophy. Mix money with greed, add some very large egos, a dash of jealousy and a secret love affair and you have the perfect recipe for MURDER!!! By Gary McCormick

A Vacation To Die For:
Wynnona Dingus & Kitty Wunkus, two good ol gals from Beaver Bottom take a vacation to see Tommy, Kitty's brother. Imagine their surprise when they find him playing banjo in a bluegrass band with old friend Bunky Wonky. It's fun & games until another old friend pops up, old grudges surface and those bluegrass tunes turn sour...then it becomes A Vacation To Die For.

A Vacation To Die For:
Wynnona Dingus & Kitty Wunkus, two good ol gals from Beaver Bottom take a vacation to see Tommy, Kitty's brother. Imagine their surprise when they find him playing banjo in a bluegrass band with old friend Bunky Wonky. It's fun & games until another old friend pops up, old grudges surface and those bluegrass tunes turn sour...then it becomes A Vacation To Die For.

A Well Mannered Murder:
Time to celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved character Sherlock Holmes and what better way to do that then a fundraiser at 221B Baker St. Things are set for a night to remember when suddenly everything goes wrong and we are left with a real murder to solve!!! by Leslie Kemp

A Wedding To Die For:
Producer Chaz Stone is sure his latest reality show, Reality Bride Fantasy Wedding will be a hit. It has all of the right stuff! Two gorgeous bridal contestants, an overbearing Mother-in-Law, and a flamboyant wedding planner but when one if the cast dies will this doom the show or cause ratings to go through the roof!

"City Mouse, Country Murder"

A grand homecoming is planned when Hildegard Twizzle returns to Possum Trot after ten years of living in the Big City. Now famously rich for her fashion designs in the world of women's undergarments. Hildy has a big surprise for everyone. Unfortunately, her homecoming turns deadly. Meet Hildegard and her delightful friends and family. Franklin the organic fruit farmer, sweet cousin Sylvie and feisty Granny Twizzle, matriarch of the Twizzle family. Hildy also brings her assistant, Angus McCardigan, descendant of the cardigan sweater McCardigans. Join the Twizzle Homecoming for an uproarious evening of murder and mayhem!

Death and Diamonds:

When two families get together to resolve their differences by prearranging a marriage between their bosses son & daughter, what follows is murder, intrigue and true love!!


Death At The North Pole:
As one Santa retires and another takes the reigns, toy making is not the only thing on the mind of these elves. There is jealousy, back stabbing and social climbing. Get ready to see the North Pole as it has never been seen before!!

Death At The Pearly Gates
On the corner of purgatory and the River Styx, is the hilariously disorganized waiting room of judgement. Will you be taking the elevator up or down? Meet this wacky cast of characters as they await their fate...murder and mystery are still alive and kicking in the afterlife in this hysterical new comedy by Leslie Kemp.

Death...A Far Out Adventure
"It's the 60's man and time to throw off the fetters of corporate America. Four friends pack their bags and unshackle themselves from modern convention to head out to Hippie Haven. It's time for some peace, love and MURDER in this hysterical comedy by Jeff Roberts

Death By Cupcake'
Candy Valentine has opened up a cupcake shop. Tonight's special dinner is to celebrate her success. She doesn't just have a new shop, she also has a new boyfriend. Hugh Jeego is good looking, funny and very attentive to Cany...but why does he keep winking at Candy's mother, Hart Braker and why is Hart all a flutter. Something is amiss in this heart throbber full of Candy, Cupcakes and MURDER!!! By Paula Hilton

Death and the Derby Hat

Amelia Airhead has organized a fundraiser in which all proceeds go to Happy Pastures, a retirement fund for retired racehorses. What better way to raise funds than a benefit show and fashion show showcasing the new spring collection of Derby hats by The Mad Hatter?  With this hilarious cast of mismatched personalities, chaos and MURDER are bound to ensue!! By Leslie Kemp


Death Comes Knockin'
It is a dark and stormy night at the Devil’s Due Inn for four strangers where Death looms over, literally. At the bid of an unknown sender, four people arrive to meet their blackmailer. They have all been paying to keep their deep, dark secrets exactly that. But now, one of them is fed up and determined to quit paying. Now everyone’s secret is in jeopardy of being exposed, ruining their careers and reputations. Come see Bluegrass Mystery Theatre to find out what happens next in “Death Comes Knockin’” by Jeff Roberts.

"Death Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies"
The Nutcracker! What a classic Christmas ballet! But what happens when the cast is torn apart at the seams by jealousy and ambition? One dancer may pay far too high a price for the attention of center stage. This ballet company may not have the grace of Joffrey or the American Ballet, but they certainly have the attitude! Join them for a night of laugh out loud dance and antics mixed in with a little mystery and murder!
By Leslie Kemp

Death Is Delicious:
Welcome to Cafe' Amore', where love is always on the menu. This exclusive eatery claims that its food will make anyone who taste it irresistible to the opposite sex...but, at a very steep price. It's a recipe for mayhem. Mix in one egomaniacal chef, a hotshot food critic, a desperate diner, a cocky cook, and a legendary lothario. Add jealousy, lies, lust, and greed and a dash of dark magic. Turn up the heat and you get a steamy souffle of mystery and murder. .

Death Is Delicious

Death By Cupid's Arrow:

In a world where death and taxes are the only guarantees, it's nice to know that there are still forces out there conspiring for love. Enjoy a night of mischief, magic & murder as Venus calls together her cast of minions to try and cast spells of love.

Death By Valentine:
Hart Breaker is throwing her favorite daughter Candy a Valetine's Day party. Mysterious gifts keep arriving from a secret admirer...could they be from Hart "Current" husband Drew Blood, her "Brother" Rock Bottoms or her "Friend" Bill Willkill. They certainly aren't from her "Other" daughter the jealous Coco but they must be dangerous because before the party ends someone dies in this hysterical comedy.

Death By Witches Brew
By Leslie Kemp It's October and you know's time for the annual witches award dinner. This years nominees Gaia & Molly both really want to be witch of the year and get to sacrifice Randy the virgin. To keep this years ceremony from getting out of hand they've hired Ed the Soothsayer but things don't go as planned, chaos ensues and someone dies in a very witchy way. See if you can guess the killer and win the evenings PRIZE!!!

Decked Out For Death
Is it time for a wild swinging singles cruise or a cruise for some good family fun in the sun? Only the captain knows for sure! Between the chaos and confusion, all anyone knows for certain is there is shuffleboard, bingo and while that sounds great to some others would like to trade in their bingo card for some speed dating. What is certain is that there will be murder, mayhem and lots of laughs. By Paula Hilton

Dying To Buy a Racehorse
To create the perfect racehorse, brilliant entrepreneur and businesswoman Penny Wise must call on mad scientist Frank N. Stein. What follows is a tale of espionage, MURDER and unexpected love. By Leslie Kemp

For the Love of Murder
It is Valentine's Day and the grand opening of The Luv Shack! Mary Matchmaker is expanding her online dating site by opening a couples retreat. She has four extra special guests lined up as she is hoping for two proposals. Stanley Lovingood, a British gentleman, has traveled across the pond to meet his southern belle, Sally Sue Jones. Meanwhile, Pierre Amour has also traveled from France, the land of love, to meet his American dream, Fifi Smith. Love is definitely in the air tonight but so is mystery, intrigue, and murder! Come see what happens in this twisted tale in Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of For the Love of Murder.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder:
Times are tough all over...even at the North Pole! When Santa calls in an efficiency expert to cut expenses the elves are desperate to defend their jobs at any cost. See what happens when Santa's little helpers decide to help themselves and someone winds up dead!

Homicide On The Homestretch:
What do Hollywood and Kentucky both have in common? They both love a Cinderella story, especially if it involves a horse so when Deena Defaria , a Jersey hairdresser turned Lotto Billionaire and her horse Go Go Guido start taking the racing world by storm, the studios come knocking. But not everyone wants this story to have a happy ending!

Throw in a Thoroughbred trainer with a scandalous past, a jockey with a drinking problem, a child star trying to make a comeback, and a bitter director who'd rather be filming fire ants it's Light, Camera...Murder! Authored by Donna Ison.

Hoops and Homicide
Solomon Silver's estate is worth millions but the most sought after in the entire will is his University of Kentucky basketball season tickets. Vying for the valuable prize is his new trophy wife Kiki, his estranges son Sterling and his rowdy daughter Rosebud who demands to be called Bud for short. Add to the game a mysterious mourner and a hard edged lawyer and you have an unstoppable team...especially when it comes to killing off the competition. Soon, Solomon isn't the only one who's dead in this hysterical comedy by Donna Ison.

Horsin Around with Murder:
Everyone is in town for the equestrian event of the year. See what happens when judges Deneeze Arshot and Taryn Wear, who are in town for the event find themselves at a dinner with ex boyfriend and Reigning Champ Steed Roper, freelance write and new boyfriend Houston Dallas, and reigning competitor Cheyenne Sassy.Nostrils flare, hooves stomp and one of them dies.

How to Make a Killer Pitch

Minnesota housewife turned "As seen on tv" inventor Winifred Swenson is looking for a new ad agency to promote her latest wacky product. In the running are Slick Image, run by the ruthless Sabina Slick and her long suffering assistant Bertram Abernathy and Make Your Mark Media with hippie Mark Flowers at the helm and his niece Annabelle Delaney trying to take control. But after one of them is violently murdered, everyone's creative energy goes into trying to come up with the perfect alibi in this hysterical new comedy by Donna Ison.

Knock Em Dead

Three Diva's (Royal Payne, Marian Haste, Augusta Wind) clash when they unexpectedly turn up at the same event!! Watch all the mayhem unfold along with Don Kashane their agent, Stan back the piano player and Rusty Pipes, an innocent bystander.If you think you're going to get a star packed night of musical entertainment think again...someone is about to Knock Em Dead in this hysterical murder mystery by Paula Hilton


Love Is Murder
No matter how long a couple has been together, they can always use a weekend getaway to strengthen their relationship. The Love Shack specializes in helping couple find ways to build or rekindle their love. Come see what Aphrodite has in store for Ken & Barbie Dahl and Woody and Bo Peep Dewiit as they try to put that spark back in their relationships. Love is kind, love is forgiving, love is wonderful, but sometimes...Love Is Murder! By Jeff Roberts

"Mediums, Mischief and MURDER! "
When mediums, mystics and magick-makers gather for their All Hallow’s Eve Celebration, the evening ends with the final round of competition between two paranormal arts experts.  The winner will be crowned King or Queen of Mediums.  Blaze Stargazer has come in second place for two years running and is the favorite to win this year.  But Blaze may have met his match in Madam Seraphina, the first Gypsy to ever enter the competition. Trouble stirs from the beginning as rumors spread of secret liasons and missing magical talismans. The spirit of Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, is conjured to solve the crimes but when someone comes to an untimely end, he now must solve the murder as well. Written by Patti Heying

Manifest Murder
In Manifest Murder, meet Randy Guy a charlatan New Age retreat leader and his wacky cast of attendees as he tries to guide them to achieve all of their resolutions for the new year. Things don't go quite as Randy "visualized" when someone dies. Hilarious antics ensue as everyone tries to bring this new change of events to resolution by Leslie Kemp

Monsters, Mayhem and Murder :
t is a true monsters ball! The elite and the occult have joined forces for a single night of decadence and mischief in the hopes of raising a mutually loved spirit from the dead, Coco De la Nuit, the beloved designer and witch. At this seance everyone is dying to know what will happen next and some are simply dying in this hysterical comedy by Leslie Kemp

Monsters, Murder & Manhattans :
Come Halloween, what do the real monsters do when the rest of us steal their identities? They go on vacation of course. In "Murder, Monsters, and Manhattans," Bathoria (the vampire), Nefario (the warlock), Senorita Lupe Lopez (the werewolf), and Fred (the hobgoblin) all meet up for some well-deserved rest and relaxation at Morbido Manor, ran by the flamboyant Dreama Deville. But can you really expect to put four natural-born killers under one roof without something going awry? Of course not...the results are heinous and hysterical.

Murder At The Monster Bash:
Ivana Crump is having a costume party! It's her annual fundraiser for HOWSA, along with her two half sisters Iona & Isabella, her husband Clark and her ex husband Connor(who also happens to be Iona's ex husband & Isabella's current husband and Clarks brother) But the party does not go as planned, money goes missing and someone will die!!

Murder by Mariage:
Beautiful, wealthy Rose Bloomgarden is so very unlucky in love.  Her first two marriages ended tragically and now on the eve of her third marriage, she nervously hopes the third time is the charm.  Her mother, Wisteria, is determined to make this rehearsal dinner a spectacular event.  Older sister Violet, a world-renowned chef, caters the meal to ensure all goes well.  But the celebration unravels when a former suitor appears and the groom is missing.  Tension escalates into chaos when a mysterious stranger arrives.  Someone is bound to die.

Murder By Merlot:
welcome to the Frudee Family Winery's annual Wine Tasting Event. The Frudee Brothers, Doodie & Rudy, are anxious to introduce the idea of being able to chemically engineer wine. They believe this is going to save the winery! Unfortunately, before their big announcement, someone sips their last glass of wine. Also in attendance are Dr. Judy Frudee, a second cousin, and inventor of the new winemaking process; Trudy Frudee, Doodie's scatterbrained wife; Prudy Frudee, Rudy's wife and Winemaker of the Frudee Family Winery; and Dr. William Beabore, a not-so-likeable wine critic.

Murder By Merlot Cast

Murder Memphis Style
January is the birth month of Elvis and you are invited to the party! In the audience are several Elvis impersonators, a Priscilla lookalike and a big Elvis Costello fan but before the party can get underway there is murder, mystery and mayhem. Put on your Blue Suede Shoes and have a Hunka Hunka Burning good time By Leslie Kemp

Murder On The High Seas:
Come join Captain Calico Jack and crew for a high seas adventure. Captain Jack is out to find his buried treasure with a new crew who all have their ulterior motives for casting their lots with Jack. One thing is for certain, one of the crew may be buried along with the treasure on this nautical adventure. Come on board The Sea Serpent with Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of Murder on the High Seas and revel in the laughter and intrigue of the pirate brigade in the latest murder mystery by Jeff Roberts

Murder On The Rebound:
What happens when 4 best friends become suddenly & mysteriously become widows? They pool their insurance money and open a new restaurant called "Rebounds". They've all got a new man in thier lives they can't wait for you to meet but be careful..whoever rebounds first may end up dead.

Murder Under The Mistletoe:
The CEO of a struggling accounting firm is throwing a holiday party to boost morale, he has also hired an "independent consultant" to straighten the company out. These two decisions cause bedlam & chaos. Join Tom, Dick and Harry in a holiday party that's full of fun, surprises & MURDER!

"Murder Without A Clue"

It's board game night and you never know what group game is going to be played!! Could it be old favorites like Sorry and Monopoly or new games like Werewolf or Devils Advocate. Whatever the game there will be lots of laughs & fun, just be careful when it's your turn because the final spin could lead to MURDER!! by Paula Hilton

Off Off Broadway Murder
A MUST-SEE! FIRST RATE! THE NEXT BIG HIT! At least that is what the cast of The Lion Prince hope the reviews say. The curtain has closed on opening night and the after party has just begun. The cast is jazzed, well, some of them anyway. Zippy the Zebra and Mary the Monkey can barely contain their excitement. Leon the Lion is not quite as upbeat. There is a bit of animus between the director and choreographer too. Josephine Joyce and Jacque LePew don't always see eye to eye. When they all get together at the after party, the fireworks will really start. Come see Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of Off, Off Broadway Murder by Jeff Roberts and find out who is dead right about the show or just plain dead.

cast photo

"Once Upon A Murder"

Did you ever wonder if there was ever more to the fairy tales than living happily ever after? See Prince Charming, Prince Valiant, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella in their not so golden years as they contemplate moving into Castle Hasbeen, Discover the chaos that ensues as their old secrets come out and jealousy, anger and MURDER rule the kingdom in this hysterical new mystery by Jeff Roberts


Racing Toward Murder:
The wealthiest in the world are attending the auction of the century. But before the bidding can even begin, General Fleet Feet the main auction item goes missing. Join Chester Bidden, auctioneer to the stars, the battling ex's Alexandria & Kincaid Worthington, Tammy Trotter the Horse Physic, Troy the boy toy and Bruno the bookie as they search for the missing thoroughbred but find Murder instead!

"Playing With Murder"

Welcome to the final dress rehearsal for the world premiere of Cleopatra, Queen of Denial! Starring Margo Devine and directed by her husband Clive Bumbershoot. Rounding out the cast is Lance Marvel and Poppy Fullbright. The final rehearsal is fraught with trouble!! Lance can't remember his lines, Poppy is comatose with stage fright and playwright Frances Demille is horribly put out with everyone. Tensions mount and the night can only end in MURDER!!!

"Redneck Rivalry"

You are invited to the Grand Opening of Phyliss Jawjackin's new diner. She's invited friends & family and maybe an enemy or two. Good ol boy's Bunky Wonky & Willy Wonky sorta think the diner should be theirs and they're determined to make that happen, Phyliss's best friend Mavis Doofis has the hots for Bunky and Dory Dingess comes to town hoping to mend fences with Phyliss. With all of this down home charm what could go wrong....nothing except for a little MURDER in this hysterical new comedy by Paula Hilton

"Red Roses, Dead Roses"

Valentine's Day has always been torture for some and delightful for others. What if you had the chance to do it all over again with "the one that got away"? That's exactly what is about to happen for Rhee Pete but you can't repeat the past without a little bloodshed!. What will ensue is Comedy, Mishap, MURDER & Fun!!" by Leslie Kemp. 

Resolution For Murder

It's New Year's Eve and three women are going to meet the men of their dreams hoping to start the new year off with a new marriage. Even though they have only met them online, the sparks have been flying. Come see what happens when Sexy Kitten, Sultry Siren, and Saucy Minx show up at the estate to meet their online loves. Come start your New Year off with a new murder mystery presented Bluegrass Mystery Theatre - Resolution For Murder. By Jeff Roberts.


Revenge At The Reunion

In high school they called themselves the Forever Five. "Five best friends forever." Or so they said. But by the end of their senior year, they were barely on speaking terms and went their separate ways without looking back. So what will happen when the Forever Five reunite at this year's class reunion? Will they let bygones be bygones? Will they call all those old misunderstandings water under the bridge and chalk it up to youth? "Maybe"but you better stay on your toes at this class reunion, because someone may decide that to forgive and forget is for the birds and go instead for REVENGE!!  by Paula Hilton.


Rudolph The Dead Nosed Reindeer:
The North Pole is all a-twinkle as the annual Deer of the Year awards banquet is about to honor one of its best. What happens when the winner of this year's award to everyone's wondering eyes doesn't appear? Come join Donner, Dasher, Prancer, Blitzen and Vixen in a hoof-pointing adventure to figure out where the guest of honor really is. See who has been naughty or nice in Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's Rudolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer by Jeff Roberts!


The Shamrock Slayin
A brothel madam, pub owner, Irish mob hitman, a bookie, and a priest walk into a bar. No, this isn't the start of a bad joke but it is the start of some shenanigans. Can Father Finn O'Flannery lead his flock away from the ultimate sin? Will Shannon O'Sullivan see the error of her ways? How about Mickey O'Malley? Can the hitman be saved? Cathleen O'Connell and Darcy O'Donnell may need to go to the confessional as well. There's sure to be trouble at The Lucky Leprechaun and you better get there to see how it all plays out. Come see Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of The Shamrock Slayin', by Jeff Roberts, to see who won't be looking over a four-leaf clover.

"Speakeasy Murders"

It's 1929 in Chicago and the gin joint is in full swing. The roarin' twenties have been roarin' for years now and women have become more assertive and open.

Frannie the Flapper has come into ownership of The Polyester Club, under somewhat suspicious circumstances, and it is one of the most popular clubs around. Her doorman and lover, Nick Nack, helps keep the booze flowing by bootlegging and keeping out the riffraff. Her singer and dancer, Vikki "Legs" McGee brings in the regulars who want to see this hotsy-totsy hoofer in action. One of her favorites is the down-and-out private detective, Mickey Spillsalot. He's been coming to the club for years now. The only case he works now is a case of the hard stuff. No club would be complete without a saucy waitress serving the drinks and the sass. Chickie Dee fills that bill just fine.

Come see what shenanigans take place when these molls and dolls get together at The Polyester Club in Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of Speakeasy of Murder by Jeff Roberts.


The Murder Clause
Throw another yule log on the fire, Christmas time is here again! You can bet the North Pole is chock full of activity getting prepared for their busiest night of the year. Everyone is holly jolly and the North Pole is all decked out in silver and gold. Mrs. Claus is supplying Santa and Crumpet the Elf with her delicious cookies, but when The Don and Penny Henchman show up, they suddenly lose their appetites. Their appearance can mean only one thing -  trouble! Come see Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of The Murder Claus and find out how this silent night becomes a deadly night!

Top O The Murder To You:
Dr. Paddy McFaddy, an expert on "all things Irish" is ready to unveil his latest finds at the lecture tonight. His assistant Patches McButterpants is ready to assist him with "anything" he might need for the night, but an unexpected guest disrupts her plans. Journalist Angus O'Cloolisman and museum curator Sadie Fitzangus, who have come all the way over from Ireland for the lecture are in for a big surprise too before the night is over...could the surprise be murder!!!

Till Death Do Us Part
It's one last crazy night out of the town for Marion Haste before settling down in marital bliss with her doting fiance Scott Free and anything goes...even MURDER. So spend the night with Marion and her wacky cast of friends as they throw the bachelorette party of a lifetime in this hysterical new comedy by Leslie Kemp

Production Images

Top O The Murder To You:
Dr. Paddy McFaddy, an expert on "all things Irish" is ready to unveil his latest finds at the lecture tonight. His assistant Patches McButterpants is ready to assist him with "anything" he might need for the night, but an unexpected guest disrupts her plans. Journalist Angus O'Cloolisman and museum curator Sadie Fitzangus, who have come all the way over from Ireland for the lecture are in for a big surprise too before the night is over...could the surprise be murder!!!

Wild Wild West Murder
Yeehaw! Get along little dogies! Come on in to the Kitty Katt Saloon and join Miss Kitty Litter, Miss Priss, Scarlett Fever, and Sheriff Wishy-Washy for a rip-roaring, knee-slapping good time. Everything is just peaches and cream until Filthy Phil comes into town. Who will win and who will lose when the toughest, meanest, orneriest villain comes looking for trouble and finding it? You can bet your boots that someone will be left with the dead man's hand in this tale of the ol' west. Saddle up and come on down to see Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of Wild, Wild West Murder by Jeff Roberts.

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